Smashbox Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Face Primer

15 Nov

Smashbox is one of my favorite brands of makeup; their eye shadows blend so well, as do their blushes and bronzers. One of their products that I absolutely cannot live without is the Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner. It comes in a variety of colors and lasts throughout the day without smearing. I apply the gel with a bent brush across the top of my lash line so it goes on straight and smoothly. It’s also great if you want the “cat-eyed” look.

Once the weather starts to get hot and humid, I begin wearing a lighter moisturizer and make-up primer. Since I am prone to breakouts and have sensitive skin, I look for a product that is light-weight and oil-free. After my moisturizer is absorbed into my skin, I apply Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light primer to my face; specifically to my shine areas. It makes my skin soft and evens out the texture, so that I have a smooth canvas to apply my foundation to. My makeup lasts longer throughout the day and my skin does not become shiny. There are different variations of this primer too, depending on what your skin needs. This product is great and I highly recommend it.

Smashbox’s Baked Sunburst is perfect if you are looking to give your face some definition and a natural, subtle glow. The colors work perfectly together and it is one of the few products that never leaves my beauty bag. When applying, I focus on my cheeks and softly blend around the rest of my face and sometimes my collarbone. Love!

Stay cool this summer. xox Lins


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