10 things best about being a girl!

19 Nov

1.We can wear guys clothes.
If they wear ours, they get funny looks.

2.Girl talk. You know, how we just understand each other without having to explain stuff.

3.Dark circles under the eyes? A hickey? We can just cover them up with a little concealer. ( how do guys live without that stuff?)

4.We dont have to dowse our food in Tabasco sauce just to look tough

5.We can take stuffed animals to bed no matter how old we are

6.SLUMBER PARTIES! Guys just dont know how much fun those are.

7.That special bond we have with our moms-some day

8.We are called tomboys, Boys are called girlie

9.We dont have to stuff boxers in our jeans. ( How can that possibly be comfortable?)

10.We can put cotton balls between our toes, paint our nails, and not feel the least bit silly.


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